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Heavy Bag Boxing Mitt wok

Heavy Bag Boxing Mitt work with Rachel Clarke

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TRX - Our Favorite Moves
Ever wanted to try TRX Training? Connor, personal trainer and TRX coach is about to take you through one of his favorite moves. Try it out today! The TRX Squat to Reverse Fly is an exercise that engages the major muscle groups (think: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings and more). Combat poor posture with this movement (perfect for after a long day at the desk!) as it builds lower body and upper body strength. Hints to make this successful for you: 1: This a compound movement (2 exercises in 1) be sure to treat it as such by not separating the two movements. 2. Press your hips back while avoiding rounding of the shoulder with the squat. 3. At the bottom of the squat position arms should be fully extended palms facing one another, from this point keep the arms fully extended as to come to a standing position with arms out in a T palms facing out. 4. Always make sure there is tension on the TRX straps throughout the movement.

Cast Member Spotlight - Meet Rachel
Introducing PRO Cast Member, Rachel! You may find Rachel behind the Seattle front desk or lifting for her CrossFit certification (her goal is to become a coach!). If you have questions about CrossFit training, getting certified, or updates in the club - make sure to ask Rachel your next time at the Seattle PRO Club! #CastMemberMonday

TRX Total Body
(Guess what) It's Hump Day! Power through the week by going to one of our many FuseFit Classes 💪. Join us for TRX Total Body with Connor Rose TONIGHT at 6:00PM!

Heavy Bag Boxing Mitt wok
Heavy Bag Boxing Mitt work with Rachel Clarke

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