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Videos by Urban CrossFit in Seattle. "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general."- Mark Rippetoe

Jeff cruises through a true set of 5 at 190kg (418lbs).

Other Urban CrossFit videos

Kacey easily PRs her Front Squat @ 105kg (231lbs).

Leigh starts her Saturday off right by PRing her Clean @67kg (147lbs).

Overhead. It's not just a good idea.

Mindy, making it look easy, PRs her Squat @ 114kg (250lbs).

Kezia pulling 182kg (400lbs) at the CrossFit Total we ran last Saturday. She crushed her previous best by 14kg. Strong work indeed.

I guess Christian didn't think Cienna was working hard enough.

Congratulations to Karen for competing in her first weightlifting meet today at South Sound Weightlifting. She finished with a total of 120kg (46kg Snatch, 74kg Clean & Jerk). Thank you to everyone who came out to support her, it was an inspiring day. Below is a video of her easily making her final Clean & Jerk attempt at 74kg.

Jeff cruises through a true set of 5 at 190kg (418lbs).

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