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Swim for Life 2012 - TNM Drips

Swim for Life 2012 video recap.

Swimmers raised money to support Puget Sound Blood Center by swimming across Lake Washington from Medina to Madison. This video was shot from the support kayak of Teresa Nelson's team - "TNM Drips" (Teresa Nelson, Lindsey Highstrom Millard, Michael Dempsey, Jacob Millican; kayaker Kevin Lepic).

Way to go team!

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What did you have for lunch? Noon swim conditioning for the win! 🏊 #sacsummerdays

Take Steps 5k run/walk on June 11. Come join the Seattle Athletic Club team today!!!

Got 'Em!!! Kelvin wasn't expecting our "Employee of the Month" parade! 😄 Congrats buddy! 🎉

Monday morning crew working strong! #makingthingshappen

Here is another video of Holly.

Check out one our members, Holly, swimming as she shows us arm circles and makes hearts. The 3 year old version of crawl stroke and breaststroke.

Analysis of Skinfolds
According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, select skinfold equations can have a marked overestimation of body fatness. When it comes to body fat testing, periodic skinfold measurements will give a reflection of change despite the estimate of body fat percent. Read more about the two testing methods used by our Personal Trainers in Amber's recent blog post. (

Did you know that Pilates Mat classes are included in your membership? Here's a little video we put together with Pilates Instructor Amy Andrews that talks about Pilates Mat classes and how to add them to your weekly schedule.

Are you a fan of our Outdoor Recreation program? If not, here's a video that introduces what we have planned and how you can stay connected with Brandyn and Thomas for upcoming adventures. Get outside and play!

Swim for Life 2012 - TNM Drips
Swim for Life 2012 video recap. Swimmers raised money to support Puget Sound Blood Center by swimming across Lake Washington from Medina to Madison. This video was shot from the support kayak of Teresa Nelson's team - "TNM Drips" (Teresa Nelson, Lindsey Highstrom Millard, Michael Dempsey, Jacob Millican; kayaker Kevin Lepic). Way to go team!

Power Band Training Demo Class - November 2011
If you missed out on Adriana Brown's Power Band Training demo classes today, you missed a GREAT workout! It hits all the muscle groups and even some you didn't realize you had... Strength rope for strength and shoulder mobility. Power Bands for explosive power and total muscle activation. Sandbags for functional strength and lateral stability. Sprint resistance for speed and optimal foot landing Power Bands to create a faster, stronger, more powerful you! Plus it's TONS of fun! For more details about Power Band Training, contact Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana at

Morning Yoga Feel Good Stretch for Joint Mobility
Hey everyone, here's the latest Yoga video by Tonja Renee Hall. This is a great package that provides you with movements for a morning feel good stretch to promote joint mobility. Check it out!

Hey hikers, skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, mountain bikers or pretty much any other Fall/Winter/Spring outdoor activity pursuer... Winter Sports Prep and Play is in full swing and members are getting stronger, more agile and building their endurance to really have a great time outdoors. Join Personal Trainers Brandyn Jean Roark and Thomas Eagen in Winter Sports Prep and Play and make your season one to remember too! Email either trainer at or

Thank you again for making our Summer Island Luau so fun! Here's a little video recap of the evening. Enjoy!

Summer Island Luau | Thursday, July 21st
Hey everyone, here's a little video to remind you that our Summer Island Luau is this Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30pm. See you there with your best Don Ho shirt!

Sandy Competes at Special Olympics
Check out one of Sandy's races from the Special Olympics over the weekend. She is the 2nd lane from the top (and the eventual winner!). Congrats Sandy!!

The club is buzzin'! Fitness Director Jacob Galloway and Personal Trainer Adriana Allison Brown are pushing each other in a Strap and Beam workout down on the court. Have you seen how awesome some of the new workouts are utilizing this new piece of equipment? Straps, Rings, TRX and more - our training staff is really extending the limits to creating the best workouts in Seattle for our members!

How to Tighten Your Tummy
Personal Fitness Trainer Stephanie Weishaar demonstrates a series of exercises that will help you Tighten Your Tummy. Included are progressions to each exercise to keep you challenging those muscle groups!

Sandbag Shouldering | Exercise How To
Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown shows you another great sandbag exercise - Shouldering the Sandbag. If you are interested in training with sandbags, please contact Adriana directly at

Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Allison Brown's latest Exercise Video Tip - Sandbag Get Up.

Have you seen our trainers working with clients using a weighted duffle bag? They are sandbags and they provide a great workout due to their unstable volume of weight. This forces a whole body movement to control and stabilize the mass. Check out a few of the squat exercises that Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Allison Brown put in to video format.

Happy Friday! Here is a video to help give you a little more perspective of what you can expect to see in our upcoming AcroYoga event on the 28th.

How to Sculpt the Perfect Booty!
Personal Fitness Trainer Stephanie Weishaar takes you through three exercises in her latest demonstration video - How to Sculpt the Perfect Booty! If you have questions about this video, or would like to begin training with Stephanie, send her an email at

How to: Gymnastic Push Up
Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown shows you how to perform the challenging Gymnastic Push Up. Adriana holds several high intensity group workouts throughout the week. Give one a try next time you want to mix up your workout. For more details, contact Adriana directly at

Basic Rings Gymnastics Lockout Exericse
Check out Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown's latest video exercise how to - Basic Rings Gymnastics Lockout.

Scorpion Twist Exercise - by Curt Ligot
Personal Trainer Curt Ligot demonstrates the Scorpion Twist in his latest exercise video. For more information about this exercise, or training with Curt, contact him directly at

6 Fundamental Jump Rope Patterns
Martial Arts Director Jody Garcia demonstrates 6 fundamental jump rope patterns posted on the Seattle Athletic Club YouTube Channel.

A SAC Halloween !!
Happy Halloween from Everyone at Seattle Athletic Club Downtown!

Sand Bag Clean Exercise Demo
Sand Bag Training Video with Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown. Learn more about sand bag workouts in her recent post:

TRX Suspension Training: Overhead Lunge
Personal Fitness Trainer Katrina Yniguez takes you through the TRX Overhead Lunge exercise. Read more about training with the TRX Suspension Trainer visit

TRX Suspension Training - Oblique Tuck
Katrina Yniguez's latest TRX Suspension Training Video - The Oblique Tuck.

Jump Roping Techniques: Part 2
More Jump Roping Tips from Martial Arts Instructor Jody Garcia.

Jump Rope Technique: Part 1
Jump Roping Tips from Martial Arts Instructor Jody Garcia

TRX Suspension Training: Burpie Exercise

Lunch Box Express 45-minute Workout
Get it done in 45-minutes. Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown has put together a high calorie burning workout that challenges your strength, endurance, flexibility and packs in an ab workout to top it off. Don't put it off any longer - get in, and get it done! Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:00-12:45pm

SAC Elite Golf Video Tip: Greens and Putting
PGA Professional Dave Boivin focuses on reading greens and how it should affect your putting strategy in this week's video tip.

TRX Oblique Twist
Personal Fitness Trainer Katrina Yniguez demonstrates the Oblique Twist exercise using the TRX. To begin training on the TRX, contact Katrina at

TRX Atomic Pushup
Personal Fitness Trainer Katrina Yniguez demonstrates the TRX Atomic Pushup. This is just one of many exercises using the TRX that Katrina has to share with you. If you have questions, or would like to begin training on the TRX, please contact Katrina at

Reading Greens: Visualize Lines and Curves
Using a True Roller training device to display how a green reacts, this weeks tip is best understood with the latest SAC Elite Golf video tip. Knowing more about the topography of the green and how it reacts to the path of your ball is critical to making the appropriate fine adjustments in your stroke to sink more putts. To do this, it is important to judge a green using lines and curves as reference points. By visualizing the ball path through lines and curves, you will be in a better position to judge where a ball may break and at what distance you may need a ball to break in order to develop greater accuracy in your short game.

Russian Swing with the Kettlebell - Exercise Demonstration
Personal Fitness Trainer Adriana Brown shows you how to properly perform a Russian Swing with the Kettlebell. For more about Kettlebell training, contact Adrian directly at

Pilates for Cycling
Pilates Instructor Jocelyn Paoli takes you through a demonstration of a couple Pilates exercises that can benefit any cyclist.

Weekly Golf Tip: Pitching
PGA Professional Dave Boivin demonstrates an important aspect to pitching that will help you become more consistent with your short game shots.

SAC Elite Golf Weekly Tip - Putting with Confidence
If your putts are coming up short, or nearly miss the hole, you may need to build some confidence in your stroke. A drill that helps you build confidence in your putting stroke can be easily arranged on a practice green. Simply place a club horizontally in front of the hole (at the back/leading edge of the cup) so you have to cross over the shaft when attempting to make a putt. Once the club is set in this position, move away from the hole and square up to the shaft of the club. Take a few strokes to attempt to make a putt with the ball hopping over the shaft. It should take you a few strokes to find the right amount of force to put into your stroke. Once find this “sweet spot”, take away the club in front of the hole and see how your new stroke feels compared to your old stroke. You should see that you have a more confident putting stroke that places the ball a little further in to the hole.

Martial Arts Video: Strikes, Footwork and Kicks
Martial Arts Director, Jody Garcia demonstrates proper form for strikes, footwork and kicks using the equipment at the club.

Chipping - Club Selection
SAC Elite Golf PGA Professional Dave Boivin reviews how to select the proper club for chipping.

SAC Elite Golf with PGA Professional Dave Boivin
Have you played the best round of your life? Get a competitive advantage with PGA Professional Dave Boivin, and Seattle Athletic Club’s finest Personal Trainers, in our individual 6 week golf-specific conditioning program. OUR SIX WEEK PROGRAM INCLUDES: * 1-on-1 video swing analysis with PGA Professional with Dave Boivin * 3 Private Half Hour Lessons with Dave Boivin * 2 Fitness Assessments (beginning and end) with Personal Fitness Trainer * 4 One Hour Sessions with Personal Fitness Trainer For more information or to sign up please contact Katrina Yniguez at (206) 443-1111 x281.

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