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Videos by Kim's Tae Kwon Do Queen Anne in Seattle. Learn self-defense, get a great workout, and have lots of fun! Tae Kwon Do helps increase your confidence, flexibility, balance, strength and control of your body.

Ethan's side kick through 4 boards at his pre-test.
#kimstkd #almostblackbelt

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Maria's side kick #kimstkd #progresspeacelove

Maria's jumping front kick #kimstkd #progresspeacelove

Great break during the team competition! Simultaneous jumping sidekicks by Mr. Yang & Mr. Yang. Team Queen Anne represented by Mr. Yeung, Mr. Yang, Mr. Yang & Levi. #kimstkd #progresspeacelove

Ethan's palm strike through 2 boards at his pre-test. #kimstkd #almostblackbelt

Ethan's side kick through 4 boards at his pre-test. #kimstkd #almostblackbelt

I think Sandesh lost sleep over this break but he nailed it on his first try today! #kimstkd

Joey's 1st kup roundkick break
The past few months Joey's been working hard on a roundkick break for his 1st kup test. Despite the fact it was his choice he opted for a break he's never done. I commend Joey for challenging himself and using his perseverance to accomplish his goal.

Emma's break
Check out Emma's break. She wanted to try something different so she set a goal to break with roundkick and then worked hard and accomplished it!

As instructors our job is to ask more of you than you're willing to give. A great example of this is the brown stripe back kick breaking requirement. Probably few of us would choose this break if given the option. Way to go Joey for nailing this break at the test after months of hard work.

Toi-Gye hyung
Toi-Gye is the pen name of scholar Yi Hwang. The 37 movements of this pattern represent his birthplace on the 37th parallel and the pattern diagram means scholar.

Chung-Gun hyung named after patriot An-Chung Gun. The 32 movements in this pattern represent An's age when he was executed in prison in 1910.

Joey successfully broke with sidekick. Don't let his size fool you. He is quick and powerful! Actually the smaller you are the more accurate and quick you have to be.

Emma's been working very hard on her back kick. Looks like the hard work paid off!

Fiona's jumping side kick break at the promotion test. Fiona broke on the first try. Nice job!

Hands & Feet #8

Hands & Feet #7

Hands & Feet #6

Hands & Feet #5

Chon-Ji hyung

Dan-Gun hyung

Do-San hyung

Won-Hyo hyung

Yul-Guk Hyung

Joey breaking
Even though we practice non-contact Tae Kwon Do we use board breaking to measure strength and technique. Great job Joey!

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