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Videos by Anytime Fitness Queen Anne in Seattle. Anytime Fitness is a 3,000 facility gym offering members a 24/7 experience in a clean, well equipped gym including personal training and group classes.

Give these tips a try if you experience shoulder pain when exercising. Strengthening the shoulder correctly can actually alleviate the pain.

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Master an exercise? Challenge yourself by adding weight or switching up the movement!

New PR? You deserve to celebrate!

Can we get a WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Trainer approved: Slip slidin' your way to a healthier life!


Is your sweet tooth driving you bananas? Calm it with this delicious parfait.

It's here! Getting to a healthier place has never been more mobile. Learn more:

Do your toes tingle when you exercise? We might have a solution for you!

🎶 Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo-we-need-to-workout-too 🎶 #TheStruggleIsReal

An even bigger debate than soda vs. pop! Let us know your thoughts below.

Learn how to cube a mango like a pro!

BREAKING! Leprechauns have been spotted in multiple Anytime Fitness gyms across the globe. Keep an eye out.

This is just too amazing not to keep passing along! GO VERN.

Holiday treats! They're everywhere, all the time! #MakeItStop #TheStruggleIsReal

Spoiler Alert: It's not your average tape.

Sometimes walking is hard...

Be sure you've found the perfect match.

Your water intake is unique to your body. Make sure you are drinking enough each day!

🎶 When you're up in the gym yea, drop it like a squat 🎶

Be happy and hydrated during the holidays!

After incredible loss, veteran Matt Pietro is now 170 lbs. down and continuing to push his limits. "It's not the physicality of a human being that determines whether or not they're going to be successful in reaching their goals. It's all heart, will, and passion." Here's his amazing story!

When preparing for the holidays, multi-task at your own risk. ;)

The answer isn't as simple as you may think.

Adjust the TRX strap to the best length for you.

I guess that's one way you can #BurnTheTurkey...

How many of you are working out in character today? #Committed

Is it true you can work out too much? We have the answer!

Happy #humpday! Just wiggle it out like Anytime Fitness Queen Anne manager Reid Hix. Wiggle, then squat, wiggle, then squat...

Finding the perfect stability ball for you is easier than you think!

Trainer Jay Holby shows us how to get over #humpday the Anytime Fitness way!

Lower back pain post-workout? Here's an exercise that might help!

We rise by lifting others.

Happy Hump Day!

Victory is SO sweet!

Together we are stronger!

Do you know how much weight YOU should be lifting!?

The fastest way to cut an avocado is the fastest way to our heart.

HIIT FIT W/ Marisah
Check out what HIIT FIT w/ Marisah is all about! Visit Anytime Fitness Fremont Tuesday's and Thursday's at 5pm to take the class. Welcome to all members from Anytime Fitness Queen Anne or Fremont!

Take your fandom up a notch. These funny cheering signs are a MUST.

This nifty trick will definitely come in handy!

Just in time for summer! Your kids will love this homemade banana Nutella ice cream:

What's that?

Even Aspen can get excited about a free outdoor boot camp! Join us next Saturday in AF Fremont's Solstice Plaza at 10am!

That awkward moment when... #NationalKaraokeWeeK

Delicious, fast and easy. These things are a game changer! Full recipe:

Give these tips a try if you experience shoulder pain when exercising. Strengthening the shoulder correctly can actually alleviate the pain.

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